Luz Cadiz


Conil is the only one of the white towns to be by the sea. A sleepy fishing village where during siesta time in May you can walk down its empty streets with blindingly white walls below a cloudless deep blue and the hot sun on your back. In late July the same street will be filled with people at one in the morning strolling with their children being watched by others eating their ice cream waiting for the heat of the day to cool.

Whilst still retaining its fishing roots this mediaeval town with beautiful monuments scattered around has become the perfect focal point for holidaymakers. Surrounded by the LaJanda plain full of cattle ranches and agricultural small holdings on the one side and the ocean on the other with local fishing boats making their way up and down the bay the area benefits from a balanced economy not dependent on tourism or expat communities but nevertheless welcoming them and keen to show off the rich cultural heritage of the area.

Video of Conil