Luz Cadiz

Barrosa Beach, Chiclana

Barrosa beach is at the other end of the bay from Roche;    a fabulous bay.  At this end there are a number of restaurants and cafes along the promenade with more shops and restaurants nearby.    The closest town is Chiclana but Novo Sancti Petri with its numerous championship golf courses, archery field, tennis and padel courts, restaurants and shops is also nearby.  750m off the beach is the island of Sancti Petri which 2000 years ago was an important religious site.

Just around the headland on the Coto San Jose is the spot where Hannibal, the phoenicians, Julius Caesar and many others would gather at the spring equinox.    From this point and on this day the sun goes down behind the island and prayers would be said as the sun disappeared.   Now at this point and on this day people gather to recite poems and commemorate this moment which was so important in ancient times.

Further along the coast is a bustling marina  and the dramatic, vibrant and  ancient city of Cadiz is just a few more kilometres across the estuary and along the causeway.